NerdTrivia is a real-time interactive trivia game created by Twinkl Media, owned and operated by my sister, Laura Massey and me.

It all started when Laura, frequenting trivia nights, wanted to entertain her Twitter followers. She began tweeting interesting questions that she had come across from the night, and received a ton of responses answering back.  Inspired, she created a real-time trivia game, running over Twitter, that would ask questions, receive responses, and award achievements accordingly.

NerdTrivia has evolved from running only over Twitter, to a fully integrated website and an exclusive iPhone app for easier play. 


NerdTrivia iPhone App

The NerdTrivia iPhone app was designed to enhance the game initially started on Twitter, simplifying play and to emphasizing more specific stats of the game.

App features:

  • Real-time notifications of questions asked and when friends answer
  • Full array of stats including total questions asked and answered correctly, top responders, points earned and achievements made
  • Daily and overall leaderboards to track progress

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